Vim as Python code editor

Públicado el mar 20 agosto 2013

This article is a translation from the original one in Spanish, Vim como editor de codigo Python, published in April 2013.

This is an article that I've always wanted to write: "Vim as Python IDE". Two years ago I had a Vim configuration that I thought that was just right for this, even a half-written article. But while I was polishing the config and finishing the article, a bunch of similar articles appeared in the internet and after reading them I realized something: many of them were already obsolete at the time they were published. And I say this because many of them employed plugins that were outdated by the emerge of other fresh and more powerful. In fact in the last two years, the Vim environment has evolved too much that from all the plugins that I used in those days (and the ones pending to test), currently I'm using only 10% of them, the rest are new ones. And this "race" to provide new and more powerful features for Vim continues nowadays, with some great tools.

On the other hand, as one is adding plugins and "tuning" his config, there comes a time when you don't know where and what is already mapped, even no remember at all the plugins at features available for you, and which you implemented with so much effort and time.

My configuration

Given these two premises I had the idea of kill two birds with one stone: Document my Vim setup. What I'm trying with this is that should work for me as sort of cheat-sheet to remember all that I had available in my config, and at the same time to have a coherent mapping and avoid duplicates (at least is the idea). By the other hand, it works also to demonstrate all the Vim's potential to edit Python code and compete with almost any IDE, but with all the advantages of the unique Vim's way.

The idea is to have a continuously updated document with respect to my current setup, What better article than this, an always updated one?

This is the link to this doc,, included in my dotfiles repository:

English is not my mother tongue, so maybe the article (and the doc) can be full of grammatical mistakes due to my poor English. Sorry for that, I did my best.

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